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Confirmed: Samsung's SGH-T939 Behold2 for T-Mobile runs Android

Chris Ziegler

First we'd heard that the InstinctQ for Sprint might be Android-based, but what other Google-rife gear does Sammy have up its sleeves? That SGH-T939 Behold2 spotted in the WiFi Alliance's documents turns out to be Android-equipped without question, seeing how its user agent profile -- found on Samsung's own site -- lists its browser as "Android Browser." Sure, we suppose they could get all cute on us and name their random, featureless dumbphone browser "Android Browser," but that trick would be mean beyond words -- and we're further encouraged by the fact that the screen size is listed as 480 x 320, exactly the resolution that the doctor ordered for Android action. There's no word on when this is coming, but it goes without saying this'll find its way to T-Mobile since that's where you get the original Behold; unfortunately, the old model isn't too ancient yet, so we wouldn't be surprised if we were in for a bit of a wait.

[Via PhoneArena and Cell Phone Signal]

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