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Madden 10 pre-order demo drops July 23, public demo July 30


Remember that fancy Superbowl reenactment demo that's only available to those that pre-order Madden NFL 10? EA has announced that said demo will arrive next week on July 23. But what about all the little people, the ones that won't be putting down some reserve cash for Mr. Madden's latest outing? EA has them covered too, announcing that a public demo will arrive on PSN and XBLA one week later, on July 30.

As previously announced, the public demo will not be a reenactment of Super Bowl XLIII, but will instead be a boring, snow-covered night game between the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants. We suppose you might want to pre-order if the particular setting of your virtual football demo is of great importance to you. Otherwise you can wait a week to take Madden for a spin without committing your cash.

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