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Report: Sony changing PSP dev pricing, pipeline to attract more creators


Sony's European head of developer relations, Zeno Colaço, has explained the company's strategy for courting companies to make products for its digital distribution-focused PSP line (more specifically, the new, expensive PSP Go). The executive tells Develop that the new development pipeline involves getting rid of concept approval, shortening quality assurance process, slashing the SDK price (and implementing cheaper development kits), and pushing for a low price point for games.

Colaço boasts that over 50 studios are already making the new generation of PSP titles. He mentions Subatomic Studios is already working on a PSP version of Fieldrunners, its tower-defense iPhone hit. Basically, Sony wants to bring App Store-esque titles to the PSP. We expect about four or five fart-based titles by holiday '09.

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