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T-Mobile myTouch 3G's visual voicemail detailed on video

Chris Ziegler

When we spoke to T-Mobile at the myTouch 3G launch last week, there was some doubt as to whether its Android-based visual voicemail app would be ready in time for the new model's launch -- but from a handful of videos TmoNews has managed to uncover, it's certainly looking ready for action. A series of three quick instructional videos guides users through the oh-so-simple tasks of listening to individual voicemails, saving them to a memory card (an interesting trick), and listening to them in any order you like; if you think those tasks sound too boring and obvious to really require video instruction, you're kinda right -- but we can see how users completely new to the concept of visual voicemail would benefit from the quick tutorial. At any rate, it's good to see that the software's looking good, it takes advantage of Android's standard notification mechanism, and we're hopeful it could be ready by the time the first units start hitting customers' hands at the tail end of the month.

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