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Wood computer workstation takes up space, looks great, does little else


Dear Diary 1.0 is a computer workstation / desk made entirely of wood. Designed by Marlies Romberg, a recent grad of the Utrecht School of Arts, this bad boy features a laser-cut keyboard, a display, mouse, and a porcelain and silicone USB thumb drive with a signet (one of those wax seals they always put on letters in old-timey movies). We're guessing that none of this stuff is functional (save maybe the thumb drive), but if you're in the mood for a good artist's statement, try this one on for size: "Dear Diary 1.0 is ... both the literal and the figurative manifestation of the worlds colliding. A physical reminder that increasingly, the real and the digital are becoming indistinguishable." Not bad, eh? Just slap your Amazon Kindling on the thing and your anachronistic office will be just about complete. More pics after the break.

[Via Unplggd]

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