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Dave Perry talks Gaikai: 'Gamestop already hate me'


Speaking at the Develop conference currently taking place in the UK, Gaikai's Dave Perry told Edge that the folks at video game retailer GameStop "already hate" him. "I've made so much money from their store [GameStop], so I can't be mean to them about that," he apologetically added, though he said he believes the industry is being pushed to digital distribution by GameStop's used game business model.

"I can be mean about their [GameStop's] used game policy, because they're pushing the industry to digital distribution perhaps faster than it would have gone," he responded, when asked how retail is reacting to his dark magic-powered Gaikai service. He doesn't necessarily see brick-and-mortar retail as his company's biggest hurdle though, saying, unsurprisingly, it's the smoke money. "We need to find a strategic partner who will add value ... somebody that wants to invest and can actually add something ... we want to find somebody who will really move the needle." Wait a minute -- Gaikai involves needles? Forget it!

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