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EVE Online devs seek your input on improving the New Player Experience

James Egan

EVE Online can be a daunting game to get a handle on. Still, the New Player Experience (NPE) that greets rookies today is far better than the early tutorials that some of us at Massively, and no doubt a number of our readers, experienced 'back in the day'. There are many careers and mini-professions a player can choose to pursue in EVE, but conveying this in the NPE -- and guiding these new players towards these playstyles -- remains a challenge for CCP Games. This is the focus of the latest dev blog by EVE Online developer CCP Soundwave.

He explains how player feedback has made those first weeks of gameplay a much smoother learning experience for the game's rookies. However, he notes that they're continuing to improve the NPE for the next expansion. To that end, CCP is seeking input from the players on these questions:

  • The current tutorial. Are all of the steps relevant? Is anything missing?
  • The current career paths. Are they informative? Are they fun?
  • What newbie content would you like to see added?
If you're a newer player and have gone through the tutorial system lately or an older player with more perspective, you can let the devs know what you think should be changed. Players are firing away with suggestions and criticism in a forum thread connected with this dev blog, so if you've got something to tell the game's creators, CCP Soundwave is listening.

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