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Lost Planet 2 playable, giant salamander plushies winnable at Comic-Con


Capcom is bringing playable Lost Planet 2 to San Diego Comic-Con. According to a post on Capcom Unity, the demo will allow four players to team up and (attempt to) take down one of the game's bosses, a giant salamander. Hey, that sounds like the same demo we played at E3!

Thing is, we didn't get the chance to win a much cuter, giant plush version of the beast after slaying it. Comic-Con attendees will get one, though, by way of a raffle, the tickets to which will be handed out to everyone who plays the game. Up for grabs are an unknown number of 18" and 3-foot long cute-ifications of the boss monster. Capcom is also giving away one of the 3-footers via its blog for those who can't attend the big show. Details on that are in the original post.

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