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Pachter predicts 'game-enabled' Apple TV by 2013


Wedbush Morgan analyst -- and video game prognosticator -- Michael Pachter is back with more predictions for the future! Speaking with IndustryGamers, "The Pacht" said he believes it's only a matter of time (three to four years) before Apple takes a stab at console gaming by way of a "game-enabled" version of the Apple TV. "Apple TV is the device that they can turn into a console, and they have essentially the same goals as Microsoft -- to turn Apple TV into an entertainment and Internet hub," he proposed.

The game industry Nostradamus figures that "If [Apple] can get enough iPod users to download games, it's a natural that they can ultimately convince a large number of these users to buy a game-enabled Apple TV," for which he believes "a 2012 or 2013 launch" would be most likely.

Pachter feels that Apple will start off conservatively with regard to the scope of these "console" games, but eventually aim to take on the best its competitors have to offer. "We'd get cool stuff like World of Goo or Geometry Wars," he predicts, "But probably not super cool stuff like Gears of War until they bought a few developers." Of course, Apple could just fulfill another long-running prophecy and buy Electronic Arts.

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