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WoW Moviewatch: 5Cap


It's been awhile since we've been able to enjoy any of the "Belf Rap" genre, so I was actually pretty happy to see a new work up on Myndflame. 5Cap is a quick rap piece by Abandonation (one of the "Druid Boyz"), animated and put to video by Red Eye Lobine. We actually saw the preview piece back in April, but the final music video has been completed.

5Cap has the same excellent graphics that we've come to expect from Red Eye. The machinimator really has an eye for detail, and astounding skills in making even Blood Elves feel "gritty" and "real." I would caution against over-exemplifying the main character as an all-powerful hero, but I do have to yield that kind of characterization is part of the hip-hop genre. Still, the undefeated nature of the video's protagonist felt a little unbelievable to me.

Abandonation really shows off some lyrical skill here. I liked the words, flow, and tempo of the song. He was clearly able to master the incredibly fast pace, while still carefully pronouncing each word in a comprehensible way. My only criticism of the song is that it's sometimes hard to hear how well Abandonation is mastering the poetry, because his voice gets obfuscated by the music.

Ultimately, 5Cap is pretty neat, and I hope this pair continues to grow their projects.

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