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Champions Online explains microtransactions, high level UNITY missions

James Egan

Cryptic Studios has released a Champions Online State of the Game for July 15. Although it highlights some of the beta happenings of late, it's likely this won't affect many of our readers. However, the info they've dropped about microtransactions and high level content is definitely worth a read for any fans of the game, whether you're a Champions Online beta tester or not.

Cryptic Studios writes, "Champions Online will support micro-transactions, but contrary to the concerns of some people, the game is not 'based' on them." They explain the basic scope of what will be possible in Champions Online using microtransactions, such as aesthetic changes and account-level management tools (like renaming your character). However, in the name of balance, they state, "any micro-transaction that has a game effect can also be earned in the game through play."

Cryptic also explains the high level content that will be available to players in the UNITY Missions. Open only to those heroes who hit level 40, UNITY missions are the most dangerous missions in the game. The way it works is interesting -- each day there will be five different hot-spots where powerful heroes are needed. Once those five threats are dealt with, a sixth custom mission is unlocked. The rewards for UNITY mission completion are substantial, including special upgrades or entry into high-level team areas with rewards of the same caliber.

This latest State of the Game also explains Cryptic's thinking on how many character slots players will have as well as the interplay of travel and combat powers. It's worth a read if you'd like a quick snapshot of where Champions Online is in terms of development. You can find the State of the Game for July on the official Champions Online site.

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