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Classic emulator for Pre adding HotSync support

Chris Ziegler

The original Palm Pilot is readily associated with several things: Graffiti, pocketability, and one of the first implementations of painless (well, relatively painless, anyway) synchronization to a PDA. So yes, while Classic for the Pre has been a really awesome parlor trick so far, its lack of HotSync capability has left it feeling a bit neutered in the eyes of many Palm OS purists and enthusiasts -- but not for much longer. MotionApps has announced that they've heard the pleas for HotSync support and have gotten it working in their labs; there's no ETA right now for when an update will be available, but when it comes, it'll be free to existing Classic users. Even if this means you can give Palm Desktop one more whirl for old times' sake, we say it's worth it.

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