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Create co-op levels by playing in Lego Indiana Jones 2

Justin McElroy

It seems that user-generated content has usurped co-op as the hot new "gotta have it" feature. Lego Indiana Jones has found a way to bridge the gap between the two features (impressive, considering his stubby legs), allowing two players to create levels simultaneously (a la LittleBigPlanet) in his upcoming sequel, subtitled The Adventure Continues. Good news: The feature will appear on Wii as well as 360 and PS3. Bad news: They won't be sharable on any console, which just seems silly.

Our man Jem Alexander reports from the Develop conference that you'll be able to create levels by playing, similar to what we saw in Modnation Racers during E3. We have no clue how that'll work, but we'd let Mola Ram tear our hearts out to learn more.

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