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Doug Anson, Dell's operating system Renaissance man, digs Chrome OS, Moblin

Tim Stevens

When it came to Android, Technology Strategist Doug Anson wasn't exactly coy in indicating that Dell was evaluating the OS for inclusion on its netbooks. He calls this time of OS intrigue, with Linux, Android, and WebOS gaining favor, a sort of "renaissance," saying: "These alternative operating environments are truly 'different' from the traditional Windows platform - they don't attempt to simply 'mimic' Windows" -- forgetting, perhaps, that the foundation of all of those alternatives was itself an attempt at mimicking various flavors of Unix. Anson says that while Dell is not ready to sign on to Chrome OS just yet, it is evaluating it for future inclusion in its little mobile products, and goes on to say that the company is "very interested" in Intel's Moblin, another lightweight Linux flavor and possible Chrome OS competitor. Confused by all these disparate OS choices with similar goals? You're not alone, which is perhaps another reason why the big two continue to dominate.

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