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Kojima Productions 'aiming for PS3 quality' with Peace Walker


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Peace Walker may be a PSP game, but that's not stopping Hideo Kojima from treating it as his Metal Gear Solid 5. Kojima explains that "the main staff of MGS4 are producing it," and as such, "they are aiming for PS3 quality because they were creating MGS4 on the PS3 not too long ago." Obviously, the PSP is significantly less powerful than Sony's home console, but the team is trying to push the PSP in new ways, "expressing this in ways only we can express it in."

Kojima wouldn't confirm how the multiplayer gameplay of Peace Walker will work, but he does promise it will be "stealth-action based." Some new additions exclusive to the PSP game include "a variety of other different cardboard boxes," the ability to customize Snake's gear configurations, and a "growth feature" where "your character evolves." As usual, the coy designer avoided going into specifics.

Check out brand new screenshots of the game (scheduled for a 2010 release) here:

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