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Not a PC joke: Red Faction Guerrilla demolishing buildings in Sept.


This post isn't so much to let you know that Red Faction: Guerrilla is releasing on PC this September 11th (awkward, think about it) and 15th in Europe and the US, respectively. No, this little post is mostly to gush and let you know that if your PC can handle the requirements (min. 2GHz dual-core, 1GB RAM and 128MB 3D card with Shader Model 3.0 support), it's worth picking up.

The team at Volition have crafted fine summer fun that's received some well-deserved plaudits. Sure, it's got some issues -- like that "normal" is actually really hard (play on "casual" to experience the fun this title has to offer). But, overall, if this is the type of quality we can expect from the "new THQ," we're all over it.

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