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One Boss Leaves: Azjol-Nerub was merely a setback


Two Bosses Enter ... but only One Boss Leaves, in's series of fantasy death matches. This season's bosses come from the five-man instances of Wrath of the Lich King.

We had to do it. Both Anub'arak and Elder Nadox have been waiting patiently all season for their chance in the ring, after all. But did anyone think this Two Bosses Enter matchup would come out any other way? "Anub'arak wins, mandibles down," states faithful reader aarsej. "The truth is, Anub'arak is actually Hogger in disguise." Reader votes might actually support that conclusion: Anub'Arak supporters pushed this fight perilously close to a 90% slaughterfest.

Clydtsdk-Rivendare called it for the few dissenters.

Clydtsdk-Rivendare: This one is actually really close, IMO. Both mobs go invincible and summon adds, so it really all comes down to Nadox being smart enough to realize how strong Pound really is. If Nadox is invincible when Anub'arak uses Pound, Nadox wins. Otherwise, the sheer force of the blow tilts the scales heavily towards Anub.

... To make Nadox's add situation make sense, we'll set this fight in his "nest," if you will. Anub's adds come in from either doorway (the geography of this always confused me). Nadox is out of the nest for whatever reason, but when she returns, she sees Anub about to kill her kids. Nadox runs forward to engage Anub. Anub and Nadox trade blows for a while, when Anub sets off Carrion Beetles. Nadox sends his small adds to take care of these while she continues after Anub.

Anub buries himself underground just as the first Guardian hatches. The newly summoned adds all fall at about the same time, and the fight stands at about 65-65. Anub fires Unholy Blight -- err, I mean Locust Swarm, which takes out the small adds.

Anub is starting to gain the upper hand when another Guardian hatches, so he burrows again. Since there's more adds this time, Nadox has a much tougher time of killing them all. The fight is about 45-30 in Anub's favor. Nadox realizes this fight isn't going well, so he fires a Brood Plague at Anub. More generic blow-trading occurs.

The fight is at about 25-20 when Anub decides to go for the finishing blow. Anub casts Pound. Nadox, desperate for a victory, Enrages and charges Anub, trying to finish him off before Anub'arak comes back down. Anub laughs as he stomps Nadox into oblivion ... but when the dust settles, Nadox is protected by another Guardian!

Anub quickly throws up more Carrion Beetles and burrows underground desperately, but Nadox throws in another Brood Plague, and due to Enrage is able to handle the third wave of adds (just barely). When Anub'arak resurfaces, the fight is about 3% all. Both sides rush in for the killing blow, when Nadox realizes she has one final ace in the hole. When Anub'arak swings, Nadox ducks to the side. Surprised, Anub is shocked to see a Swarmer grow to "somethin' ... much ... BIGGAH" (wait, wrong boss), due to Nadox's Brood Rage.

The Swarmer and Nadox both swing what becomes a combined death blow, as Anub desperately struggles to get underground a final time -- but he doesn't ... quite ... make it.

Looks like the children won't go hungry after all.

Anub'Arak reigns
Bobobe presented us with us a disturbingly poetic ending for a defeated Elder Nadox.

Bobobe: Tired of her young being eradicated by the Horde and Alliance forces, Elder Nadox confronts and challenges Anub'Arak for leadership. Knowing that she goes for the sole purpose of battle, she attempts to gain the upper hand by summoning two Swarmers and blessing them with her Brood Rage.

The overpowered Swarmers Sprint into battle, catching Anub'Arak unaware. He turns and quickly deals with them. Out of the corner of his eye he sees Elder Nadox preparing to call forth yet more minions. He charges forward, calling forth his own Locust Swarm to dispatch the troublesome bugs.

But Nadox was prepared for this and in addition to another pair of Swarmers has summoned a Guardian, making her and her young immune to the fast advancing onslaught. Anub'Arak is not fooled, however, and quickly burrows underground. The Elder grows overconfident, having dealt the bug king 15% of his health pool due to her surprise attack, while receiving no damage.

Anub'Arak makes several attempts to Impale the Guardian, but the small bug feels the rumblings of the earth beneath it and Sprints to safety. Slightly annoyed now, the King calls forth his Carrion Beetles in an attempt to distract those on the surface. It works. While occupied with the small bugs, a Darter Darts forward, dealing a hefty blow to the Guardian, who slowly dies. Distracted by the sudden turn of events, the now-vulnerable Nadox is Backstabbed multiple times by an Assassin, removing a quick 15% from the Elder.

The bug king senses his opportunity and emerges from the ground and directs a Pound towards the Elder. Nadox cannot stop the massive amount of damage speeding her way, but does manage to get off the Brood Plague. Anub'Arak knows he will not win by remaining on the surface so quickly delves back underground, while the Plague slowly ticks away at him. The Elder is now at 35% health, while the King's health is steadily falling.

Anub'Arak knows hesitation will result in another Guardian being called and quickly Impales the Elder, bringing her down to 20%. The Elder realizes her mistake too late in assaulting the king, and in a last effort, Berserks.

The king emerges once more, his health at 40% from the effects of the Plague. He begins to cast Pound, and the Berserk Elder dashes forward. The Elder connects, knocking the king down to 10% as his Pound lands full force on the Elder, dealing a death blow.

"The young must not grow hungry..." whispers the Elder with her dying breath.

Furious, yet impressed, the King decides to grant her last wish, as he calls forth the young bugs to feed on their mother's corpse.

We've come to the last fight of the first bracket in the Wrath of the Lich King five-man season of Two Bosses Enter ... One Boss Leaves. Come back later today to cast your vote and let us know who you think wins the last first-round match.

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