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PAX 10 announced, features an all-stars of indie gaming selection


With PAX 2009 just under two months away, the folks organizing the Penny Arcade Expo have begun gearing up for the show. How do we know, you ask? Simple: The PAX 10 was announced today, featuring a list of games we'd sorta/kinda heard of before.

Since we're so cool and totally knew about all these games before anyone else did (yeah right), we're a bit nonplussed by this year's PAX 10 winners. Hell, we even have Fieldrunners running on our giant, collective iPhone right now. Seriously! Okay, fine, we only knew that one ...
  • CarneyVale: Showtime by the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Games Lab (Xbox 360)
  • Closure by Tyler Glaiel and Jon Schubbe (PC)
  • Fieldrunners by Subatomic Studios (iPhone/iPod touch)
  • Liight by Studio Walljump (Wii)
  • Machinarium by Amanita Design (PC)
  • Osmos by Hemisphere Games (PC)
  • Puzzle Bloom by Team Shotgun (PC)
  • Tag: The Power of Paint by Tag Team (PC)
  • Trino by Trinoteam (Xbox 360)
  • What is Bothering Carl? by Story Fort (PC)

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