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Spencer: Project Natal will 'feel like a new generation has arrived'

Another Microsoft rep is comparing the 2010 launch of the Project Natal peripheral to a new console release. Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft Game Studios, told MCV that Natal will be like a new launch for the Xbox 360.

"When Natal comes out it will feel like a new generation has arrived," he said, echoing comments made by Shane Kim. "I see it as like the launch of the Xbox 360 back in 2005 – there will be a launch portfolio of games to support it." Will there also be a massive shortage into the next year?

Spencer denied the rumors of an actual new hardware launch once again, saying that Microsoft intends to make sure the original 360 is a "huge return on investment" for Microsoft, developers, and owners. And if enough Microsoft staffers tell us there won't be a new console next year, we might even start to believe it.

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