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Where's Waldo? On Wii, DS, PC, and Mac this September


Finally, for those of us waiting since 1992's The Great Waldo Search for a new console Waldo-finding adventure, Ubisoft has released the first details and screens of Ludia's Where's Waldo? The Fantastic Journey, coming out on Wii, DS, PC, and Mac in September. iPhone, originally announced as one of the platforms, is conspicuously absent from the list.

The Fantastic Journey allows one or more players to search not just for Waldo, but for his friends and other items. The multiplayer mode features power-ups that shake opponents' screens or cover them in paint, freeze the search window, or enhance items on your own screen.

The first screens, available in our gallery, show the Wii version. We have to wonder at whom these are targeted: kids aren't going to remember, or even know, Where's Waldo, and the concept of just looking for a guy in a picture is kind of laughable now that the fad is over. Does that mean that this is intended to serve adults' Where's Waldo nostalgia? Is there such a thing?

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