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Champions Online's Gadget Boy is smarter than you

William Dobson

The most recent hero to take the spotlight at the Champions Online official site is Gadget Boy, or Suzuki Katsoru as he is also known -- and yes, as the title of this post states, Gadget Boy is smarter than you (and anybody you can think of, for that matter). Did you build a robot for the government that could fight off a giant monster? You did? Well, did you do it at the age of five? Didn't think so.

Of course, being a mega-genius has its downsides. No one is smart enough for him to truly engage with and his stand-offish attitude has soured his relations with the media. The closest thing he has to a friend is the chief scientist at his base on Monster Island, a man by the name of Takashi Toru (a former child prodigy himself). Check out the full profile for this lonely gadgeteering wunderkind to get his whole back story.

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