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Dyack: Industry making more games than consumers can handle

Justin McElroy

When we first heard about Denis Dyack's vision of a single-console future, we were ready to dismiss the idea as, if you'll excuse our language, cockamamie. Now, in a world with cloud computing systems like OnLive and Gaikai in the works, it doesn't seem that nutty.

He's still banging the drum and elaborating on his point, saying that the single console would help reduce a glut of games overwhelming the consumer. "There were 300 or so games released last November. We're in a state of performance over supply. We're making more games than consumers can possibly consume," Dyack told "Marketing is having a disproportionate effect over the success of games because there's so many out there people are ignoring us."

Hey, you're a consumer, right? Are you feeling overwhelmed?

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