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G.I. Joe movie scribe talks up Halo adaptation


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Remember Stuart Beattie, the guy who wrote the first Pirates of the Caribbean film and made some waves with a new Halo adaptation -- based on The Fall of Reach -- including concept art? Now Beattie is making the rounds to promote his latest screenplay, G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra, and has put his Halo script back in the news, telling Sci Fi Wire of his efforts to get the movie into production. Beattie has been shopping his screenplay around Hollywood, and has sent copies to both Microsoft and 20th Century Fox, which was to develop Peter Jackson's Halo film before it was put on indefinite hold.

Beattie seems passionate about the project -- he claims to have read all the Halo books and played all the games -- though he says he's not ready to actually direct the project, at least not yet. "Maybe in a few years," he says, noting that if his next film, Tomorrow, When the War Began, is successful, he might get the chance to direct the Halo movie. He does note, however, that he'd be happy to see anyone direct the film and doesn't want to "stand in the way of it getting made."

Beattie believes that there haven't been any great video game adaptations thus far because those involved with them haven't been passionate about games. A fine sentiment, sure, but let's not forget that the Silent Hill film was supposedly a labor of love for both the writer and director, and we all know how that turned out. Still, we hope Beattie's script gets some attention. After all, if he can successfully adapt a theme park ride, we're sure he can handle a video game.

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