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The Conduit sales fizzle in late-June debut

Once again, Sega places its hopes and dreams in the untapped hardcore Wii market, and once again it just doesn't pay off. With the June NPD sales figures comes a sad truth for those who've been hyping The Conduit since it first reared its head last April: according to those figures, the conspiracy-infused FPS sold under 72,000 copies between its June 23 launch and the NPD cutoff date of July 4, placing it at number 25 on the U.S. top sellers list.

Sure, The Conduit hasn't been out for a full month yet, but that sales total has got to be a disappointing figure for Sega, whose last two adult-themed Wii releases, MadWorld and House of the Dead: Overkill, made even smaller impacts during their respective launch months (we suppose there's a little silver lining in The Conduit performing slightly better). We've contacted both Sega and High Voltage to find out how they're feeling about the game's somewhat underwhelming sales figures.

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