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Two ways to sync iTunes to your Pre, but not for free


On Wednesday, our very own Christina "C-Mac" Warren told you about how the iTunes 8.2.1 update prevents the Palm Pre from syncing with your favorite music library. Never fear! There are a couple of ways that you can bring back that lovin' feeling between your Pre and iTunes, but they may cost you a few bucks.

The first is from venerable Mac software vendor Mark/Space. The company made an announcement almost immediately after iTunes 8.2.1 hit Software Update, mentioning that The Missing Sync for Palm Pre still allows syncing between Palm's new touchscreen smartphone and iTunes. The US$39.95 application (announced last week on TUAW) is currently Mac-only, but a Windows version is in the works.

Our sister site Download Squad reported Thursday that another Mac software stalwart, Salling Software, announced an update to their Salling Media Sync for Mac application. Salling Media Sync, which is available for free in a slower-syncing edition or for US$22 for a version with "intelligent syncing" to speed up the process. Salling not only syncs iTunes and iPhoto with the Palm Pre, but a gaggle of Nokia,Sony, HTC, and BlackBerry devices as well.

The pre-emptive strike by Apple to exclude the Pre from the good graces of iTunes seems to have been extremely short-lived. Windows users of iTunes, however, are still out in the cold for a little while longer unless they stick with 8.2.

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