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WRUP: Gee gee gee gee, baby baby Edition

William Dobson

We find ourselves at the beginning of another weekend and, hopefully, some of us will get to indulge in a little gaming. We'll be in various different virtual worlds over the weekend, as you'll see just past the break. Come to see what the Massively team is playing (and perhaps tell us what you're playing too); stay to find out which music video has been haunting Shawn Schuster for the last few days -- just be careful that it doesn't happen to you too.

  • Brooke Pilley: Computer all wonky. Must format and re-install Windows. For the fifth time. Global Agenda beta looms!
  • Colin Brennan (@sera_brennan): Contemplating ways to destroy Shawn Schuster because he got that intolerable plague against man and beast (see below) stuck in my head! Also, roleplaying. But more contemplating than roleplaying.
  • James Egan (@jamesegan): Parties from tonight through Sunday. It's going to be a good weekend but I need to squeeze a fair amount of writing in there as well... somehow. Game time, what little there will be, is going to be EVE, where I find myself at the precipice of becoming evil. I'm cloaked in a Pilgrim recon ship in a wormhole, where I stumbled across a small and somewhat noobish corp (which I won't name) operating, unaware of my presence. Nothing but mining ships, a mining battleship, and seemingly nothing but a lone cruiser for defense?! Oh, and an Orca -- which is why I haven't left. Should I hunt them down? Should I be 'good' and point out the danger they're in from any (other) random maniac who finds them? Undecided, but I logged off in there while the angel and demon on each shoulder tries to sway me one way or the other. Also I'm pretty damn excited about [closed-beta-which-cannot-be-named] which begins [date-cannnot-be-revealed].
  • Kyle Horner (@Kylehorner): I'll be busy with Age of Conan this weekend, and maybe I'll manage to squeeze a little time in for other games. Other than that, what else would I be doing but writing?
  • Lemuel Pew (@lemmo): Unless moving a theater group to a new loft and doing a bunch of gardening is a new genre of video game, I might be out of luck. Oh, but no! I have a half-dozen new iPhone games to play! DrawRace, Diabolika, Rope'n'Fly and Must.Eat.Birds are all on the menu.
  • Shawn Schuster (@SSchuster): I'll be playing through more Age of Conan and Guild Wars, mostly. I also have some outdoor activities planned since this weekend will finally see temperatures below 95 degrees. Oh, plus I'll continue to listen to this song on repeat, as I've done for the last 3 days.
  • William Dobson: This weekend I might give Free Realms a try (very late to the party) and I'll play some Red Faction: Guerrilla and UFC 2009 Undisputed on the Xbox 360. I'm eagerly awaiting the upcoming patch for Undisputed that will thwart cheaters who quit when they're losing in online matches. *shakes his fist at the cheaters*

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