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WRUP: When real life attacks

Alex Ziebart

When talking to Editor-in-Chief Liz Harper this morning, I noticed something. A few of us here at have sort of forgotten the P in WRUP. It's supposed to be What Are You Playing, not What Are You Doing In Real Life (WRUDIRL). Reading through this week's WRUP entries, I'm pretty sure Lesley isn't buying a camera in Stormwind, Lisa isn't vacationing in Nagrand, and I'm almost positive Matt Rossi isn't visiting a botanical garden in WoW. It's certainly possible, but unlikely. Honestly, it's probably more interesting this way. So what are we doing?

  • Adam Holisky (@adamholisky): Working my Rogue to 70.
  • Alex Ziebart (@aziebart): When I'm not trying to get things done around here? Gearing up my Alliance Death Knight while I can still use my Alliance resources, because I'll be transforming him into a Horde character as soon as that becomes available. He'll probably become a Blood Elf simply because Blizzard won't let Trolls wear shoes. When I'm not doing that, I'll probably try to spend some quality time with my personal blog.
  • Chase Christian (@madsushi): My guild's first Yogg-Saron attempts are this weekend, and he will die! Or whatever a God of Death does when you step on him.
Keep reading to find out what the rest of the team is doing!

  • Amanda Dean: Welcome to Thunderdome! It's amazing what becomes a raiding catch phrase, our Ulduar team has adopted "One man enters, two men leave!" as a motto. I plan on hearing those words over and over again as we trudge through new territory. I will also be hearing "That's what she said!" quite a bit along with "No sex in the Champagne Room, no healing in the tunnel." when we do the obligatory Naxx 25 run. Just another weekend in Paradise. (Alright guys, pay up!)
  • Daniel Whitcomb (@danielwhitcomb) - The Background Downloader seems to have finally spurred me into actually finishing the Crusader title on my Death Knight so I can get the new dailies as soon as Patch 3.2 goes live. We'll see if it lasts. If not, It's probably back to my Blood Elf Paladin or my Night Elf Druid for more alt leveling action.
  • Eddie Carrington (@brigwyn): If I can resist the siren's call of the pool, I'm spending the major part of the weekend catching up on long overdue work. In between swimming and writing I think I'll take advantage of the PTR. And since sleep seems to be overrated, I think I'll try to catch a movie and get a haircut.
  • Lesley Smith: I'm planning, if the sun decides to show it's face, to hop on the Mid Norfolk Railway and go for a wander around a local Abbey with my camera. However if it rains I might just play Peggle until my eyes bleed. About 10 minutes worth of game time then.
  • Lisa Poisso: I'm going on 100% work-free vacation (No laptop! I promise!) for the first time in years. Been working my butt off all week to get some cool features up for while I'm gone (as I write this, I'm wrapping up next week's 15 Minutes of Fame, featuring a hardworking healer who's been honored with receiving the Val'Anyr fragments from her raiding group – moving insights, and a truly sincere, inspiring player). Have a great week, everyone!
  • Mark Turpin (@The_T): Multiboxing up the Druids to finally have 60's of all the classes. They're only level 13 at the moment, but time is ticking away!
  • Matthew Rossi: Back from a trip to see botanical gardens (boo, no dinos), will be working for the site (it's a trend, has us in its tentacles) and now that my DK is at 540 defense, running some Naxx 10 I hope.
  • Michael Gray: I'm going to see Sweeney Todd tonight. If I can manage to wake up tomorrow, I'll be going to a wedding party tomorrow. Then to play pool all night long. Death Knights are overpowered there, too.
  • Nick Whelan: Hopefully something cool.
  • Robin Torres (@cosmiclaurel): What I want to do: Get my druid to 80. What I will end up doing: "I'm tired of fighting boars and bears. Itchee wants to play in Ironforge!"
  • Zach Yonzon (@trymykungfu): I need to catch up on some work over here at, first of all. After I punch out, I'll see if I can squeeze in some time for that comic project, too. If I still have time after that, maybe I'll hit the Battlegrounds after weeks of not actually playing the game. Probably not, though. Oh PvP, how dearly I miss you...
Out of all of us, I think Nick has the most promising weekend ahead of him. How about you, dear readers? What are you doing this weekend?

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