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Apple announces 2009 Advanced Professional Services Tech Camp


For developers, it's all about WWDC. For people who are members of the Apple Consultants Network or affiliated with an Apple Professional Service Provider, the Advanced Professional Services Tech Camp is the annual "don't miss" event.

This year's Advanced Camp has just been announced, and it will be held November 15-20 at the Q Center in Chicago, IL. While pricing isn't available, the curriculum hasn't been finalized, and the Camp website isn't up yet, this is a perfect opportunity to clear out the week before the U.S.Thanksgiving holiday on your calendar.

As with previous Camps, lodging and meals are included in the price (based on past experience, this does not mean staying in leaky tents, or eating Beanie-Weenies and S'Mores). Due to limited space and equipment, the Camp organizers at Apple will give priority to ACN members who hold ACTC or higher certifications.

When more information on Advanced Camp is available, TUAW will keep you updated on how to register and provide a link to the Camp website. For now, add a reminder in iCal.

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