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BattleForge shuffling 60 new cards into August expansion

Our knowledge of the inner workings of Electronic Arts' microtransaction-infused RTS BattleForge is limited, but we're still pretty excited about the Renegade Edition expansion that's coming to the game this August. The add-on will add 60 new cards to the game, each representing new units and buildings. While we may not know exactly how those cards are used, our history with the Pokémon TCG taught us one hard and fast rule -- more cards is always a good thing.

However, we can't begin to guess the purpose of the "dual orb cards and special affinities" that the expansion will also bring to the game, but the announcement post on BattleForge's blog says they'll "deepen and enrich the strategical possibilities of the decks and the combat itself." We guess we'll take their word for it.

[Via Big Download]

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