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2D Boy's Gabler drops hints on upcoming WiiWare game


2D Boy's Kyle Gabler, speaking with Nintendo Dpad, mentions he's currently working on a new WiiWare project with Henry Hatsworth creator Kyle Gray. Programming things along will be World of Goo code guy Allan Blomquist. Gabler states that the trio hasn't mentioned "anything about it to anyone," but drops the gooey detail that the new game is based on an experimental title from their past. Hmmm.

We're following up to find out if there's any further information on the title and whether Ron Carmel -- 2D Boy's other co-founder -- is also involved in the project. We'll update as soon as we receive more details.

Update: Gabler let us know this is not the next project from 2D Boy, but a separate thing he's working on.

[Via Go Nintendo]

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