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Battlefield 1943 weapons will return in Bad Company 2

Jem Alexander

If you're reading this, the chances are pretty high that you're completely addicted to Battlefield 1943. You're probably beside yourself with worry that when Battlefield Bad Company 2 hits, those fancy-schmancy present-day weapons will be just too complicated for you. You may be in luck, however, if a recent tweet by @OfficialBF1943 is to be believed (and why wouldn't it -- it's official, after all.)

The tweet says that 1943's semi-auto rifle, sniper rifle and sub machine gun will all be usable in Bad Company 2. Whether that's in multiplayer only, an added bonus for 1943 purchasers or part of the game's story mode is yet to be revealed, but we're as anxious as you are to find out closer to the game's release.

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