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Freecom's Hard Drive Secure for the businessman paranoid

Vlad Savov

It might be a butchering of English grammar -- the adjective typically goes before the noun -- but the Hard Drive Secure does have a pretty unique selling point to offer. The USB 2.0 drive's security is handled by AES-encrypted RFID keycards -- swiping the card once unlocks the drive, swiping it again locks it back up. Using similar technology to London's Oyster Card, we trust Freecom has made sure their new device is not susceptible to the Mifare hack that exposed vulnerabilities in previous RFID systems. Though not yet available to purchase, the aluminum-enclosed HDD will retail for between $119 for the 500GB version and $409 for the 2TB behemoth, while in Euroland prices will range between €99 and €349.

[Via Bit Tech]

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