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Katamari Forever to feature Home rewards, minigames over credits


If there's one complaint we'd lobby at PlayStation Home, it's that (aside from the woefully low amount of users) there's no miniaturized version of Katamari Forever's Prince (nor his cousins) to adorn our avatar's shoulder! Well, that changes now, as Namco Bandai has revealed (via Siliconera) that not only will the upcoming title support Trophies, but also Home rewards.

There's no talk of anything outside of the parrot-like companion, though Siliconera also reveals Katamari Forever will return with minigames over the credits. Fans of We Love Katamari will also be happy to know that its minigame, featuring the King of All Cosmos, will make a return.

As cool a Home reward as this is, we must say that we'd much prefer a real shirt with a Prince sewn onto it. Pre-order bonus, Namco Bandai? Please?

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