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MS opens Xbox Live update preview program


Would you like to be one of the movers and shakers to get the upcoming Xbox 360 dashboard update before all the filthy, "regular" people? If so, you'll be happy to know that Major Nelson has just announced an Xbox Live Update preview program. Microsoft ran a similar program prior to the NXE, which allowed lots of gamers everywhere the chance to see all the fabulous updates early.

The new update includes plenty of cool new features, including Games on Demand Movie Parties for Netflix and Avatar Awardables, so we know you want in. To register, simply head over to Microsoft Connect, sign in with the Live ID connected to your Gamertag and then fill out the "Xbox LIVE Update Preview Sign Up" survey. The program is open to both Silver and Gold Xbox Live members, though Major Nelson notes that preference will be given to Gold members. If you make it into the program -- MS is accepting "multiple thousands" of participants -- you should be contacted in about a week.

Good luck!

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