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The Daily Grind: Are you an early adopter?

Shawn Schuster

When the hype begins a new MMO, it's hard not to get excited. Of course many of us veteran MMO players still have a chip on our shoulders from closed or changed games that leave us more than a bit ... dare we say jaded?

With the increasing bonuses offered with a pre-order -- such as early beta access, in-game goodies or physical keepsakes -- being the early adopter can pay off with the right game. It can also bite you in the proverbial butt if the game turns out to be a flop. So we're curious about your adopting style. Have you pre-ordered a game in the past, and vow to never make that mistake again? Do you always pre-order and have never regretted it? Or do you implement a personal buffer zone for new games, much like Van Hemlock (our very own Tim Dale) and his infamous three month rule? Let us know!

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