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Toshiba's new digiframes feature social networking, FrameChannel


If you don't own a digiframe yet, perhaps it's because you were waiting for the kids at Toshiba to design something that looked even more like the faceplate of a microwave oven than the usual fare. But that's not the whole story: besides looking at home next to your Cuisinart and rice cooker, this guy also supports FrameChannel accounts, so personalized weather, traffic, sports scores, music, and video are also on the plate -- as well as the Flickr, Photobucket, and Facebook integration that companies like Toshiba think that you want in a digital picture frame. Hitting shelves in August, the 8-inch frame is available in white (DMF82XWU) or black (DMF82XKU) for an MSRP of $179.99. For the 10-inch frame (DMF102XKU, black only) you can expect to pay $229.99.

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