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Vertu proves carbon fiber doesn't have to be functional with latest Ascent Ti

Chris Ziegler

Carbon fiber: a highly-engineered material prized the world over for its overwhelming strength without sacrificing weight, used in some of the world's most mission-critical machines. Vertu's Ascent Ti Carbon Fibre Edition, however, decidedly doesn't qualify as such a use -- but that's not stopping the luxury handset division of Nokia from touting the new model's been "repeatedly tested to ensure the optimum amount of fibres and resin and processed together to achieve a flawless uniform look on both the flat and curved parts." It's available next month with your choice of carbon, aluminum, or copper grips, but the term "available" might be a stretch for most of us considering that pricing is only being provided "upon request" -- and we all know what that means. [Warning: PDF link]

[Via Unwired View]

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