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XSEED clicks heels together, brings Wizard of Oz RPG to North America


A licensed Wizard of Oz game doesn't seem like the biggest news, but the fact that XSEED is publishing it is a clue that there's a little more going on than the usual licensed kids' game. In fact, The Wizard of Oz: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road is a localized version of Media Vision's RIZ-ZOAWD, which is nothing less than a Wizard of Oz-themed JRPG. XSEED has partnered with original Japanese publisher D3 to bring this weird game to North America.

Beyond the Yellow Brick Road combines the Oz setting with turn-based Dragon Quest-esque combat, with certain enemies more susceptible to attacks from certain party members, and a trackball-like movement interface. You'll be able to send your flying monkeys out for it this fall.

D3 is now a subsidiary of Namco Bandai, which means that The Wizard of Oz is the fourth Namco Bandai game to be picked up by XSEED.

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