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Join TUAW at 5 PM EDT for the Apple 3rd quarter earnings call


There's nothing quite as fun as an Apple earnings call!

Along with a lot of financial gobbledygook, disclaimers, and carefully-phrased "forward-looking statements", there are also pointed questions from top financial analysts. On occasion, Apple may even bring forth Steve Jobs to enliven the call.

Today is the day for Apple's 3rd quarter 2009 earnings call. Our very own Mike Rose will be leading the team on a liveblog of the event before rushing off to a Wednesday appearance on Fox Business News, where he holds the title of "The Unofficial Apple Analyst." You can also listen in on the festivities, as Apple will be streaming audio of the event.

The liveblog via CoverItLive will begin here on TUAW at approximately 5 PM EDT, so be sure to join us for the call.

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