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Microsoft acknowledges the mobile Xbox question, Live Anywhere due for a comeback?


In an interview with Kikizo, Microsoft VP Shane Kim talks briefly about Xbox Live and the possibility of moving it into the handheld game space -- which could definitely / maybe / someday happen, as the company seems to understand the importance of mobile media for its users. While hard at work trying to devise a mobile device strategy, however, its apparently decided that its resources are best spent developing home hardware and "more inviting and innovative experiences for a broader audience, things like 1 Vs. 100, Joy Ride, Beatles Rock Band," not to mention social media and streaming 1080p HD, all of which "combine to broaden the brand perception" of the platform. Also dropped in the interview were hints at plans for "a service in Live that will extend to other platforms," which sounds an awful lot like Live Anywhere, doesn't it? Check out that read link for the whole megillah, and for the time being: if you really need an Xbox portable, give us a call. We know a guy.

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