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Realtime Worlds hopes APB will have up to 10-year lifespan

We've all been curious about how long the Cops & Robbers gameplay presented in Realtime Worlds' APB would be capable of capturing our fleeting, razor-thin attention span. Realtime creative director Dave Jones just ... hey, have you guys seen Brüno yet? It looks pretty funny, but we -- oh, sorry. Dave Jones recently spoke with and explained that a five to ten year lifespan is "ultimately the goal" for APB.

Jones said the action-heavy MMO would endure for the same reasons Valve's long-lasting FPS Counter-Strike has. He claims it'll include elements that made the shooter so successful, such as frantic, addictive game play, as well as "leagues and stats and achievements." See, here we thought people loved Counter-Strike because it let you spray paint private parts onto battlefield walls. Our mistake.

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