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Sony Ericsson's Android-powered XPERIA X3 sorta confirmed by way of retailer

Chris Ziegler

We don't take the word of just any retailer at face value, but when a big player like eXpansys decides that it's time to list a new phone in its inventory, that usually means something's afoot. The company's British outpost has now listed full details for a phone it's identifying simply as "Xperia" in its headline, but if you read further in, you'll see that the product code is "SEMXP3_BLK_UK", suggesting X3 is the likely moniker for Rachael. For your hard-earned (but yet-to-be-determined) money, you'll get pretty much everything you could possibly want, spec-wise: 10Mbps HSDPA and 2Mbps HSUPA, 8 megapixel cam with image stabilization and LED flash, 3.5mm headphone jack, a 4-inch 800 x 400 display (a first at this resolution for a production Android device), AGPS, and microSDHC expansion. Sadly, it's listed as 900 / 2100 only for the 3G radio, so we'll need to rely on the telecommunication gods (and Sony Ericsson, we suppose) to deliver a North American version as well.

[Via Slashgear and the::unwired]

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