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UK chart get: Harry Potter and the EA Games of Popularity


EA has dominated the UK charts once again, as the publisher saw three of its titles grace the top five spots in the All Formats category last week. Chart-Track data shows that the one-two punch of a new Harry Potter movie in cinemas and a new game on store shelves was too potent a potion for UK customers to ignore, with Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince shooting to the top spot.

Harry and his Gryffindor chums were joined by Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10, which dropped from the second spot all the way to third, and Fight Night Round 4, a previous top spotter that has plummeted to fifth place. Rounding out the remainder of the top five were Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, which rested comfortably in second, and Wii Fit, which has dropped down to fourth.

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