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VeryKool i300 and i410 come to the Americas

Chris Ziegler

If you're looking for a VeryKool in your local Helio shop... well, we've got some really bad news, but we don't have the heart to break it to you at the moment. Instead, just know that you won't see these particular models -- the new i300 and i410 (pictured) -- in any US shops that we're aware of. Instead, distributor InfoSonics is looking to rock Central and South America with these bad boys, offering flip form factors, microSD slots, and music players. The i410 adds nifty features like a camera that turns into a webcam when you cable it up to your PC, and seeing how these are both 2G-only units, we bet you'll be able to find 'em for peanuts in the countries that are lucky enough to get stock. They're now shipping, so they should be showing up somewhere soon.

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