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Sam Raimi set to direct World of Warcraft movie (Update: It's official!)

Update: Blizzard just confirmed the story with a swift press release! Raimi's set to direct, and Charles Roven (producer of The Dark Knight) is set to produce. According to the presser, "the film will fall under Legendary Pictures' co-production and co-financing deal with Warner Bros." We certainly hope they've got deep pockets -- we imagine a World of Warcraft movie won't end up being a low-budget project. Original post is below.

We know our stuff about video game news, but when it comes to film scoops, we usually bow to the expertise of Ain't It Cool News' Harry Knowles. Imagine our delight when we read a recent report from the heavily bearded entertainment reporter claiming that Evil Dead and Spider-Man creator Sam Raimi would helm a film adaptation of World of Warcraft. According to Knowles, confirmation of this story will be hitting Hollywood trade publications later this week or next.

Where is this magical, magical news coming from? We have no idea -- but Knowles seems fairly certain. With Comic-Con just around the corner, and Blizzcon just around the corner that's behind that first corner, we're sure to hear more details soon -- if Knowles' report is accurate.


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