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Analyzing the climbing price of XBLA games


Remember when you could go out to eat, see a moving picture and take the trolley back home for only two bits? Those days, much like the heady days of Xbox Live Arcade games costing only $5, are over. Kotaku has gone through the Xbox 360's library of XBLA games all the way back to the console's launch and analyzed the fluctuation in prices over the years.

"Fluctuation" probably isn't the right word, as the data shows that prices have been rising steadily since August of 2007. In fact, the average price of an XBLA game has risen to $9.05, up from an average price of $7.31 when the Xbox 360 launched in 2005. Also, as many Xbox gamers have probably noticed, the 1200 ($15) price point is becoming more common.

Granted, climbing prices aren't exactly news to anyone that enjoys Microsoft's download service but oh-my-God-look-at-that-graph.

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