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Brad Pitt offers advice on dealing with your WoW wife

Lesley Smith

As part of the latest issue of WIRED magazine and to tie in with the release of war movie Inglourious Basterds, Brad Pitt has contributed his thoughts to a section in the magazine on how to deal with everything from Google-stalking to WoW.

The idea of this seems to be updating social rules for the twenty-first century (and not make you look like a jackass). He's responsible for the 'Ask a Basterd' sections which feature fun photography and answers life's insanely important questions, like what to do with your WoW wife if you suspect she is, in fact, a he.

Pitt suggests the following should you suspect your 'wife' (night elf, blood elf or even human, I doubt it matters on the specifics) is actually a guy. Yes, he's playing the fidelity card: Should you confront the individual? "Absolutely not. If it's good, don't check under the hood. I say, love her with everything you've got. I mean, she's your wife, man!"

What I want to know is, does Pitt play WoW and is his advice based on real experience? Somehow I see him as an Orc ...

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