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Capture Skype video calls with SkypeCap for Mac 3.0


Earlier in the week TUAW reported on the release of Skype 2.8, which allows screen sharing and now provides better video calls as well. There are many different ways of capturing Skype audio & video -- we use eCamm's CallRecorder to record the TUAW Talkcast every week, for example -- but there are other ways to tackle video recording. I use my favorite screen capture application, Snapz Pro X from Ambrosia Software, to nab Skype videos now, but I find that if I bring up other screens while I'm capturing, I end up ruining the video.

The recently released SkypeCap for Mac 3.0 is able to capture both audio and video chats from Skype, and since it taps into the Skype video stream you can open other windows on your Mac without capturing them as well. The application also converts the captured video into a number of formats, including MP4, .swf, and .flv.

If you're in the market for a Skype audio/video recorder, you may want to look at SkypeCap. However, the price tag (US$49.95) of the application is a bit out of line for what it does. CallRecorder also captures Skype video at a third of the price (US$14.95), and has a good reputation as a solid program.

Do you capture Skype video calls? If so, what's your favorite Mac application for grabbing them? Leave a comment below.

Update: Looks like we jumped the gun on this one. Version 2.1 is the only version available for purchase and download at this time.

[via MacTech News]

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