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DSi dipping its toes into 10,000 lakes


Nintendo will be on hand at the 10,000 Lakes Festival in Minnesota this year to promote the DSi, with a pimped out tour bus we're sure Xzibit had a hand in designing. The festival, during which Nintendo will show off the capabilities of the DSi to patrons, lasts from July 22 to July 25 and takes place at the Soo Pass Ranch in Detroit Lakes.

It's odd, because Nintendo makes no mention of letting folks play any games, so we guess attendees will just have the handheld's camera and its sound-messer-upper thingy to toy around with.

For full festival details, head past the break.

Wednesday, July 22: 4-10 p.m.
Thursday, July 23 - Saturday, July 25: noon-10 p.m.

10,000 Lakes Festival
Soo Pass Ranch
25526 County Highway 22
Detroit Lakes, MN 56501
(The Nintendo DSi Mobile Tour bus will be located on the west side of the concert bowl.)

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