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Intel Atom N450 "Pineview" processor delayed until next year?


We'd recommend taking this one with a hefty grain of salt for the time being as Intel isn't saying anything on the matter itself just yet, but DigiTimes is reporting / speculating that Intel's Atom N450 "Pineview" processor (and the Pine Trail platform that goes along with) has been delayed until next year. That processor, as you may recall, was apparently on track to debut sometime in the last quarter of this year, but DigiTimes says Intel has decided to push it back a bit so as not to shake up the netbook market too much in the second half of 2009.

Update: DigiTimes has further clarified saying the N270 will take up the slack on 2H2009 in part due to low orders of the relatively high cost N450 and worries that the Pine Trail platform could cannibalize sales of next gen thin-and-lights and Calpella-based laptops.

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